SparkleBark Farm

Farming Organically + Fostering Creativity

SparkleBark Farm, Weaverville, NC, USA

Building Projects

We are always working to expand our buildings and facilities so that we can create more space for artists, guests, and residents. We uphold a high standard for craftsmanship and a creative aesthetic. You can make a work of art out of anything, including an outdoor composting toilet. Each of our projects has a photo gallery where you can see our process! Check it out!

Interested in Hiring our Carpenters? Click Here!

The outhouse

Our outdoor toilet sets the standard for a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing poop.


Outdoor Showers

Our outdoor shower is the perfect thing if you desire to stand under a comforting tiny waterfall.


Need a place to stay and restore your health and soul? Join us in our guest cabin.

180 Stoney Knob Road, Weaverville, NC 28787