SparkleBark Farm

Farming Organically + Fostering Creativity

SparkleBark Farm, Weaverville, NC, USA

What is Sparklebark?

Sparklebark Farm is a small-scale organic farm and homestead. For the past four years Zac and Bea, the owners, have been collaborating with a revolving cast of incredibly talented friends to make this land a model of sustainability, as well as natural and artistic beauty. We grow a ton of vegetables as well as flowers and keep flocks of free range chickens and ducks. Bea is a fine artist who makes beautiful nature-based drawings and Zac is a builder and designer who has been pouring his heart into beautifying and constructing buildings and infrastructure at Sparklebark. Our vision is to continue to steward and beautify the land through agriculture as well as art, we are so excited to share this little slice of paradise!

Who is Sparklebark?

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180 Stoney Knob Road, Weaverville, NC 28787