SparkleBark Farm

Sparklebark’s story


Sparklebark began first and foremost as a farm and homestead; an experiment in stewarding a beautiful piece of land and growing food, flowers and medicine collaboratively. With the help of friends and family in countless hours of elbow grease we were able to turn a patch of grass into productive fertile ground. By building soil, collaborating with pollinators, and rotating crops and cover crops, we have created gardens filled with blooms, delicious nourishing food, and herbal medicine. 

What began with hosting our community for epic and bountiful spring and summer meals, or gathering to process plants into teas, tinctures or ferments evolved into our desire to share our homestead with the broader world through our rental spaces. In opening these spaces we are striving to provide an experience of the deep joy, fulfillment, and connection with land that can only be experienced in and around the garden. 

Zachary and Evan continue to grow food, flowers and herbs for personal and communal enjoyment. This year we are collaborating and sharing our garden space with Hawthorne Community Herb Collective. "an Asheville area radical health collective aiming to make herbal medicine and other “alternative” modalities of healing accessible while helping folks feel empowered to take healthcare into their own hands & hearts."

We invite you to walk through the gardens and encourage you to ask questions if you see folks with shovels or harvesting baskets in hand.